A board elected or deputed to examine, consider, and report on any business referred to them.

A Committee is a group of men who keep minutes and waste hours.


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About Committees
I have been on numerous committees at various times in my life. From Church committees to a variety of Sports clubs and Union organisations. I have been in numerous positions, from Chairman to Secretary /Treasurer and Gopher. So, in the following I will try to impart some of the knowledge I have gained , mixed up with a bit of fun.


WHO.... wants to be on the Committee ?



So you want to be on a Committee ?.
You want to help your club or organisation ?.
Think very carefully before volunteering, it could be more difficult than you imagine.
You could be like me and want to help. But not being content to stay in the background and opening my big mouth on any occasion, I find that you can soon lose friends on a committee.
Nevertheless if you feel inclined, have a go you could find it interesting and you might make a difference.

The Members

Some members keep a Club so strong,
While others join just to belong.
Some dig right in. Some serve with pride,
Some go along just for the ride.
Some volunteer to do their share,
While others lay back and just don't care.
Some do their best. Some help to make it.
Some do nothing, only take it.
Some help the Club to grow and grow.
when asked to help, they don't say no.
Some drag, some pull,
Some don't, some do.
Consider; which one of these is YOU.

The Role of the Committee
Committees work better if everyone concerned has a good knowledge of what is expected of them.
Briefly a committee is responsible for the management of the organisation.
They ensure that the organisation carries out its objectives as laid down by its members and the constitution.
They attend meetings and after listening to the information, they make decisions which they deem are in the best interests of the organisation.


The Committee

If they're at the Club, they haunt the place.
If they're not there when they're wanted, they're never on the job.
If they talk on a subject, they're always trying to run things.
If they remind you of a rule you've broken, they're drunk with power.
If they are silent, they have lost interest in the Club.
If they agree with you they are "yes" people.
If they don't agree with you, they are ignorant.
If they take a holiday, they've been on one all the year anyway.
If they aren't well dressed, they aren't upholding the image of the Club.
If they are well dressed, they think they're big shots.
If they've been on the committee for a long time, they're in a rut.
If they've been on the committee for a short time, they're trying to take over the Club.
If they see both sides of a question, they're fence sitting or two-faced.
If they can't give you an immediate answer, they're incompetant or passing the buck.
If they give you an immediate answer, they're impulsive and don't think things over.
This is all part of the honorary job of being on a committee.
But, fellow members, do remember, you elected them!.



  A Committee is a group of people who individually can do nothing, but as a group decide that nothing can be done.